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Explore and implement TRANSPORTATION gridlock solutions.

INFRASTRUCTURE has not kept pace with development.  Infrastructure needs to  be a priority in order to handle the outcomes & consequences of development.


Diverse rental and “affordable” HOUSING is essential for all demographics.  The rate of DEVELOPMENT needs to slow down  - we need to reassess where we are currently and what the community wants and needs.


TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY by the District Council - consult with the community early and often.  Council procedures and decisions must be transparent.  


FISCAL SUSTAINABILITY measures level of municipal spending vs. revenue.  Where & how are our Community Amenity Contributions being used.  

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - enforce current regulations, protect parklands and wildlife.


A 4th generation North Vancouverite, I call Lynn Valley home. I have raised my 2 sons here.  I see a need for change in our Council, and have decided to run for Council to bring the communities voices to the decision table.

I support the community by volunteering on a number of committees.  I was appointed  by the District of North Vancouver to the Official Community Plan Implementation Monitoring Committee, I am a Board member of both the Lynn Valley Community Association, and the North Vancouver Community Association  Network, and a member of Save Our Shores.  When my children were in school I served 11 years on their schools PAC's, including 2years as President.

My background as an accountant has included working for the District of North Vancouver in the Finance Department.  I have experience in municipal government, public & private corporations, the investment industry, and financial management.

Change is what we need; I see and hear what the community expects from its leaders and am asking for your support to help lead the District of North Vancouver on your behalf.

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It takes change to make CHANGE.



We are going nowhere fast.

I've heard, "public transit is not well connected or efficient.  Getting around North Vancouver is cumbersome and it takes too long".  I also heard that "buses are full by the time they get to my stop".

I agree.

East-west travel "may" be improved with the new B-Line bus but I have several concerns about this.  Considerations for north-south travel, Phibbs Exchange to Capilano University, and bridge head traffic remain  just a few of our transportation issues. 

Development and Infrastructure


Development will happen.

In a perfect world (and in the past) - infrastructure would come before development; DNV infrastructure  has not kept pace.

I agree.

Development needs to be done at the right pace, the right time, and the right location.



Where is our housing policy?

CNV has an affordable* housing policy of  10-10-10, 10% of units in new market rental or for sale developments are required to be 10% below market for 10 years.

Where's the DNV policy?

We can do better.  DNV 20-20-20?

*As indicated by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, affordability is no more than 30% of gross income.

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